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This is not your traditional incubator, accelerator or venture capital fund. This is a venture building studio focused exclusively on healthtech & medtech.



This is the latest addition to the BE Accelerator family. The program aims to turn the concept of a traditional accelerator program on its head and focus more on venture building. We developed this program as we understand that no startup has the same needs. We know that success in healthcare takes longer as there are many hurdles that a startup faces. By removing many of the boundaries of a traditional curriculum we provide startups with exactly what they need for as long as they need it.


The program is meant for startups who are already market-ready, but need assistance in taking the next step. There are no definitive timelines, we are prepared to walk a journey with our startups for 12 months or longer if needed. An individually tailored program is offered to startups with dedicated mentors, access to a large network of resources, experts and industry partners for synergistic investments and pilot projects.


The program adopts a milestone based approach, as we help startups achieve specific milestones on their startup journey. We believe this is the best way to help our startups expand into overseas markets, improve valuation and get access to venture capital funds or strategic investors.


All teams that enter the program will get an initial investment of up to $200k USD in order to assist them with initial market research and validation efforts. There after high potential candidates will have access to an investment of between $1M USD to $3M USD in order to further assist there expansion into a new market.



  • Evaluate and refine your business model and strategy

  • Increase the growth speed and strengthen the structure of your business

  • Define the key drivers and milestones to scale your startup and measure your progress

  • Learn and implement important methods and tools to develop business models, secure product-market fit and scale

  • Develop go-to-market and sales strategies and increase your sales successes.

  • Various marketing materials to make your startup ready to bring in investors and capital (Data Room).

  • Top- level Biodesign coaching on a monthly basis.

  • Expand your network of investors and business contacts

  • Exclusive networking events and other meetings with investors and industry partners

  • Workshops and guest lectures on key business activities

  • Assistance with talent recruitment if required

  • 24/7 Access to work space

  • Access to the Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA) community and activities.

  • Establishing sites of pilot projects in both Taiwan and Asian territories.

  • Expand into other Asian territories through cross-border partnerships.

  • The programs conclude with Road Show where all startups present their companies  to VCs, business angels, industry representatives, hospitals and journalists.

  • Guaranteed investment of up to $200k USD from BE Accelerator for initial market validation.

  • Follow on investment of $1M USD - $3M USD will be available to high potential startups. 



  • Have a product in the market and looking to expand beyond Taiwan or for international startups looking to venture into the Asian market.



  • Ongoing application throughout the year.

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