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The accelerator program follows a 20-24-week curriculum for every stage startup looking for proof of clinical validation, verifying feasibility and market demand. The program recruits 1 batch per year and we use Taiwan as their launchpad into the Asian market.

The Gateway to Asia for HealthTech & MedTech. 

What will you get at BE Accelerator

  • Clinical Consultant Matching

  • Fundraising Planning

  • Global Marketing

  • Corporates Engagement Opportunity

  • Media Resources

  • Coworking Space

Hospital Resource.

TMU BioMed Accelerator

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  Digital Health & AI Healthcare  

BE Health Ventures and Taipei Medical University have co-launched the POC (proof of the concept) Program that focuses on product or prototype-ready startups that are looking for traction in the Asian market.  Based in Taipei, Taiwan we leverage the unique strengths of our ecosystem to position our accelerator program as the gateway to Asia. Our unparalleled access to hospital facilities, research institutes, investors, healthcare experts and other industry stakeholders help you secure funding and expand your market to Japan, Greater China, and SEA. Taipei Medical University has five world-class hospitals under their management, with a focus on innovation and smart hospitals. Establishing them as an ideal partner for those venturing into the Asian healthcare market.

Taiwan's first international medical university accelerator with a perfect medical market place, clinical advantages, biomedical and artificial intelligence talents, focusing on digital health, artificial intelligence and medical equipment, assisting start-up to raise funds , community and international resource linkage, coaching  and reducing development risks, clinical trial planning, establishing medical pathways. 



  Medical & Minimally Surgery Device  

​Show Chwan Health Care System 
Showchwan health care system is the largest privately-owned hospital group in Taiwan, with 10 hospitals, over 3,700 beds, and 6,000 employees.  Innovation and patient-oriented service have always been its core values since being founded in 1973 by Dr Min-ho Huang.  The mission is to offer leading-edge technology and services to under-served areas.  In addition to tertiary medical services, it also has facilities catering to elderly, maternal health, and comprehensive cancer care.
IRCAD Taiwan
Originated from Ircad located in Strasbourg, France, it is the largest and most advanced minimally invasive training center in Asia.  Established 2008,  it has trained over 12,000 physicians from over 80 countries, running close to 100 workshops annually.  In addition to surgical training, it also boasts an advanced research center as well as an incubation center for medical start-ups.  It is the perfect hub for innovations.  Located in Lugang Industrial Park, in the center of Taiwan, it is an ideal center with many resources necessary for the success of med-tech start-ups.  

Application Criteria.

1. Startups looking for funding or have specific fundraising needs.
2. Have a prototype or market-ready product.  
3. Registered company or plan to register by completion of the program.

Read more.

A dedicated page for PoC program introduction.

For Medical Device & Minimally Invasive Care Startups

For Startups Uncertain on Specific Track

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