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The unpredictability and challenges associated with the healthcare startup ecosystem can be daunting, but we are inspired on a daily basis by those working on solutions to better healthcare for all.  



BE Accelerator is a startup accelerator and venture builder that focuses exclusively on Healthtech and Medtech. Based in Taipei, Taiwan we leverage the unique strengths of our ecosystem to position the accelerator as the gateway to Asia for both local and international startups. Considering the complex nature of healthcare, it has traditionally been an innovation adverse industry due to the associated risks of failure. However, BE has set out to remedy this situation with our unparalleled access to hospital facilities, research institutes, investors, healthcare experts and other industry stakeholders. We have come to learn and appreciate that the healthcare industry is unlike any other, thus we provide our startups with access to the resources they require to succeed namely capital, talent and time.


The accelerator was started to solve a problem. We wanted to help startups navigate the tricky healthcare landscape by closing the gap between ICT, healthcare and business. Our founder had experienced previous his own share of previous failure with healthcare investments, thus he set out to try remedy the situation.


Since BE Accelerator was founded in 2018, we have helped numerous teams navigate their startup journey. We are continually striving to expand our network of partners, improve our accelerator programs and curate events that help build our footprint across Asia.   



The healthcare ecosystem is particularly complex and it is probably fair to say it is unlike any other industry. Traditionally it has been an innovation averse industry, due to the associated risks of failure. There are numerous factors that are endemic to the industry such as institutional policies, hierarchical systems, long sales cycles and high costs to mention a few.

Despite these obvious industry hurdles, we are bullish about the opportunities that innovation will provide all stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem. The BE team works tirelessly to better understand the landscape and all the stakeholders so that we can improve the success rate of both local and international startups looking to start out, or scale up in various Asian territories.



Traditionally, Taiwan would not have been on your list of potential startup hubs, but this is certainly no longer the case. Backed by a supportive government, increase in venture capital and startup friendly regulations, Taiwan punches well above its weight as a startup ecosystem. 


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